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Learn how to start a sustainable business online and take control of your life
Learn how to start a sustainable business online and take control of your life

In This FREE Video You'll Learn:

  • A proven system that allows thousands of people to travel fulltime
  • ​How average people are making anywhere from €5k to €40k per month online
  • ​How to start a business online next to your full-time job
  • ​A way out of the rat-race and how to stop reliving the same year on repeat
  • ​Introduction to a step-by-step training platform with included coaching program
  • ​Meet a community of entrepreneurs that know how to enjoy life to the fullest

Your Host

Behrouz Shokrani

Your Host

From being stuck in a rat-race and some boring jobs for more than 15 years, I could only dream of a life where I could explore the world without any limitations. I knew this was no way to live for another 30 years, and decided to build my own social media marketing business from scratch, without previous experience or social media following. I'm planning to quit my job at the age of 38 and now fulfill my dream of experiencing true freedom in all areas of life. 

I am mentoring other freedom-seekers to get out of the same rat race I used to find myself in. I'm here to support you with building a successful business online - so you can experience the most valuable thing in life as well: FREEDOM

I love to work with driven & conscious humans, who feel stuck, unfulfilled, and realize there's more to life! I believe everyone is 100% capable of living the life they dream of, filled with abundance & freedom.
Freedom is here for each and every single one of us! 

Here's What People Are Saying..

Our Members 👀

  How do I know if this is for me?

Well… you ended up here for a reason! You probably feel like there is something missing in your life, or you want to get out of a situation that sucks.

Maybe you’ve thought "Is this really it?" 
 "There has to be more to life" - right?!

Whether you have ended up here because you want to travel the world full-time, or spend more time at home with your family, your pets, yourself, or maybe you want to just be able to say yes to any birthday, party, holiday - without thinking "will I be able to get time off?" 

If any of that has crossed your mind - then this is for you!

  How do I get started?

You’re simply getting started right here!

In the video we introduce you to our educational training platform. All you need to get started and build a successful online business is right in front of you!

  What if I don't have ANY experience?

That's totally cool!

We designed our training platform and coaching platform for absolute beginners!
It's literally for dummies.

And if you do have a question, one of our mentors will help you out.

  When can I quit my job?

Slow down, cowboy!

I know that this is probably the single most important goal you have right now.
It's best to keep your job for a bit longer, though!

Invest into your business, grow yourself and your income first.

Most people quit their corporate job within 1-3 years.
This totally depends on your commitment and effort!

  What is Unfold your Freedom?


We're a self organized group of freedom-lovers who turn dreams into reality.
Most of the time we connect online through Facebook and Zoom.

But sometimes we get together - OFFLINE!
Taking spontaneous trips together, working in cafés, creating content, supporting each other, organizing events to learn and grow together..

We all created our own business online - without previous experience or business plan. And created a training platform to help you achieve the same.

Let's create that life we don’t need a vacation from!
And have loads of fun in the meantime..
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